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Long-term car rental

Long-term car rental is the cheapest and the most effective way to using the motor vehicels. Long-term car rental offers very simple and economical solution for operating of company´s car pool in good technical condition and adequate average age. Within such car  rental we could avoid to some costs caused by car operating, such as insurance, vignetes, summer and snow tires and their storaging, etc. Last, but not least, you will save a time required for assuring noted issues

The important advantage of this car rental is also allocation of car using costs to month spendings, which are not tied with depreciation. This is also way how to keep compay´s cash flow in required numbers.

You also need not to invest large amount of money to buying a new cars, e.g. in case of new emplyees. You don´t risk the situation, that new cars could stay unused in purpose of situation in your company or changes of overall situation on the market you are.

Withing our services for customers we have assured:

  • 24 hours mobility guarantee
  • discount by time and manout of rented cars
  • individual price adjusted to you requirements
  • quick supplement of your company´s car-rental pool on demand

If you concern a long-term car rental using our services, please don´t hesitate to contact us using form mentioned below or call us. We are ready to ask you questions and prepare the most effective quotation by your requirements.

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